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wpid-wp-1395258408231.gifHello, and welcome to our blog. Remembrance is something we all share.  It is part of what makes us human, gives us feelings, and allows us to consider the past as we look towards the future.

As a way of remembering it is important not to forget how the human race has allowed injustice and depravation to target specific ethnic or religious peoples.  If we look back into our own past, it is possible to find that such discrimination has come into our lives or the lives of our families.

My name is Julie Kohner and I am the daughter of a Holocaust survivor. In 1990 I created Voices of the Generations as a way to preserve and share the memories of Holocaust survivor stories. My mother, Hanna Kohner, survived four concentration camps including Auschwitz.  She passed away in 1990.  Since then it has been my passion to tell her unique story of love overcoming evil against the backdrop of World War II Europe.  Her experience was also the basis for an early 1950’s television program, the first to tell a survivor’s story.  It is my hope that people of all ages, ethnic and religious backgrounds will be moved and inspired by her story and the stories of other survivors and their children, known as second generation. This will keep the memory alive.

Voices of the Generations, Inc., is a non-profit organization with a mission to  bear witness as a second generation.  In as little as ten years there may no longer be a Holocaust survivor to share their stories in person.

In 1953, my mother was the first non-celebrity featured on a national television program, This Is Your Life, and her story of surviving the Holocaust was a first for the early days of television.  I am fortunate to own a copy of this television program that I share with my audiences, along with the experiences of my parents as survivors and myself as second generation.

Voices of the Generations offers our programs to public and private schools, universities, community centers, and places of worship.  My parents autobiography, Hanna and Walter, A Love Story, along with a full teaching curriculum suitable for students in middle and high school levels is available. Our curriculum offered in English, Spanish, and German languages. These publications can be purchased through our web site.

Your tax-deductible donation to Voices of the Generations will help preserve the memory for today’s generations and those yet to come.

Making a tax-deductible contribution is easy.

Donations are made via PayPal. If you are a new or returning donor, thank you for your contribution.

8 thoughts on “Voices of the Generations

  1. very cool…i landed on your blog thru a wordpress search…i, too, have just started a blog to memorialize the holocaust…i hope to one day turn it into a non-profit that operates a bonafide holocaust memorial museum in indianapolis…right now, we have a small museum about an hour west in terre haute that is run by auschwitz and mengele experiments survivor, eva kor…do you know of eva’s story?

    you can link to it from my blog at http://holokauston.wordpress.com
    i look forward to collaborating with you to shine the light and echo the refrain “Never Again!”

  2. This is a great write-up, I located your site checking google for a similar subject matter and arrived to this. I couldnt come across to much additional information and facts on this article, so it was nice to locate this one. I will end up being returning to look at some other posts that you have another time.

  3. Great project! I applaud your efforts to ensure that the legacy and lessons of the holocaust are conveyed. You, and your supporters, might find my narrative, Creation Out of Nothingness, informative and inspiring. In addition, my father wrote about his holocaust experiences in an unflinching, detailed, and challenging book, I summons the god of abraham, isaac, and jacob to court. These can be accessed via my blog (www.shrinwords@wordpress.com) or the publisher’s website(www.lulu.com/wolgroch). I look forward to your comments.
    Dr David Wolgroch
    London, UK

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