Hanna & Walter, A Love Story

Hanna and Walter Kohner had one of the few Holocaust stories with a happy ending.  The two were childhood sweethearts in Czechoslovakia before the war, with big plans for the future.  When Hitler’s armies closed in, Walter managed to get to the States, where his brothers were living.  Hanna was arrested and miraculously survived internment in four concentration camps, including Auschwitz.

After the war, Walter learned from an American sergeant who helped liberate her that Hanna was still alive.  He eventually found her in Amsterdam, and they were soon married.  Settling in Los Angeles in 1946, Walter became a theatrical agent, and with Hanna wrote their amazing story, Hanna and Walter, A Love Story, published by iUniverse Press in 2008.

Julie Kohner carries on their legacy by telling her parent’s story to school and community groups throughout the country.  Her presentation, Voices of the Generations, has won raves from rabbis and educators.  Julie recounts the story, shows a video about her parents that was broadcast as an episode of This Is Your Life in 1953, and answers questions about her parents and the Holocaust.

Hanna and Walter, A Love Story is available through Voices of the Generations. The cost of the book, including postage, is $20.00 per copy.

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