Downtown LA Library

His Holiness Pope John Paul II sends prayerful good wishes for your efforts on behalf of understanding and reconciliation between peoples. Monsignor Pedro Lopez Quintana, Office of the Secretariat of State, Vatican City

Julie Kohner’s presentation about her parents’ experience makes the tragic events of the Holocaust so very real. Julie speaks with warmth, love and understanding and her presentation cannot help but touch one’s heart. Rabbi Robert T. Gan, Temple Isaiah, Los Angeles, CA

There is nothing quite like the way Julie Kohner talks about the Holocaust. Her teaching inspires hope that families can overcome great obstacles. Judy Aronson, M.T.S. Harvard Divinity School

Julie has a unique legacy from her parents. Few survivors prepare their daughter to tell their story as Julie is doing through this moving program. June Beallor, Founding Executive Director, Survivors of the Shoah Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

I’ve seen many Holocaust presentations, speakers, movies, art exhibits, etc. But there was nothing more real and moving as Julie’s presentation. Jodi Kaufman, Congregation Micah, Nashville, TN

As a child of Holocaust survivors and a Jewish educator, I thought that I had heard it all; but Julie’s Voices of the Generations spoke to me in a different way, especially attuned to my American ears. Ann Kibel Schwartz, Temple Israel, Omaha, NE

Religious persons of all persuasions must be sensitive to acts not only of human kindness, but also of human brutality. This story was redemptive in that it captured the essence of the triumph of the human spirit against all odds.  Your family who emerged had done more than survive, they had overcome! Rev. Cecil L. Murray, First AME Church, Los Angeles, CA

Hanna and Walter Kohner were friends of mine.  Theirs was an affecting story of the Holocaust driving people apart and a miraculous story of seeing two dear people reunited.  Julie tells their story as a way of keeping the memory alive. Theodore Bikel, Los Angeles, CA