Our mission is simple – to provide an easy to grasp, yet powerful and meaningful introduction to the Holocaust.

The first generation program, Voices of the Generations, was developed 20 years ago, and has been presented to students and adults at numerous synagogues, churches, and religious community centers throughout the country.  Our first mission is to increase the number of presentations available to the public, including public schools, at no charge.

Our next  project will develop an online community for Second and Third Generation adults. Certainly there are experiences shared among Second and Third Generation children, now adults, which remain unarticulated. What are Second and Third Generations memories? Are these memories shared? Is the role of Second and Third Generations only to remember stories from the First Generation? The First Generation story is about surviving the Holocaust. The Second and Third Generation stories are broad and wide-ranging, including growing up in the shadows of survivors.

We have also begun to capture Second and Third Generation stories by completing a set videos we will be hosting on our Voices of the Generations website in a section devoted to the Second and Third Generation community.

Finally, a curriculum devoted to teaching the Holocaust through the personal stories of Voices of the Generations is in development.  It is our goal to make it available for free to public schools throughout the country

We are seeking financial support to fund our projects to completion, and to continue presenting Voices of the Generations in our public schools. Funding will also support expert consultants including qualified Jewish educators, historians, and archival preservation and reproduction of historic material used in presentations.

Donations are made via PayPal. If you are a new or returning donor, thank you for your contribution.

A Special Gift for You

When you make a tax deductible donation of  $100 or more,

you will receive a copy of Hanna and Walter, A Love Story.

(This is a story of the power of hope, family and enduring love).

 Hanna & Walter cover March 2008

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