Der Spiegel story on VOG sparks further coverage

The article in Der Spiegel has sparked further coverage of VOG. Bettina Mikhail has kindly posted a short article to the site, Lernen aus der Geschichte (Learning from History).

Here is the english translation:

Hanna Bloch Kohner sacrificed her unborn child to survive in the Auschwitz death camp. Years later, she moved to Los Angeles California where she married Walter Kohner and tried to let her memory of the Holocaust pass.

Since 1991, Julie Kohner has presented in the U.S. her project “Voices of the Generations” (“Voices of the Generations”), a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to “Holocaust Education”.

The former teacher and daughter of Hanna Block Kohner, she knows that children are better able to identify with personal stories in order to understand what millions of people suffered in the Nazi extermination camps. Julie Kohner also presents her mother’s story to adult audiences. The story she tells is how her mother survived the war in five different Nazi camps.

Julie Kohner wants to present her program not only in the U.S. but also in Europe, and especially in Germany. In order to guide teachers Julie has developed a curriculum for her mother’s story. She also  wishes to go one step further with a plan to build a Web 2.0 platform where children and grandchildren of the victims of the Shoah can contribute videos of their own personal stories and experiences.Titled  “Echoes of the Past”, the forum will serve as an archive for school education and for future generations.

The German version is available at the following link:

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