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Hanna Kohner – Chicken Soup for her friends

A new citation of “Hanna Kohner” appears in the  link (http://www.rp-online.de/gesellschaft/leute/Senta-Bergers-Leben-in-Rezepten_aid_900163.html).  Here is the presentation of a new cookbook by an Austrian actress who I like very much and who is very well known in Germany. Her name is Senta Berger. She says that chicken broth and Hollywood are equivalent for her since she has been served chicken broth with cilantro/coriander and sweet potatoes by Hanna Kohner. She says that she often was the guest of Hanna and Walter Kohner, her agent, when she was shooting a film with Kirk Douglas in Los Angeles. This must have been in 1966.

In her new cookbook, she presents meals and memories, honoring the women who taught her cooking and who accompanied and protected her during her life.

I believe that this a wonderful little story.

Thanks to Bettina for alerting me to this post.