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Back from the sunshine state – Florida Yom HaShoah 2011

I have recently returned from an exciting VOG trip to Florida, visiting synagogues and schools.  The trip began on Thursday, April 28, with a teacher training session hosted by the Commission for Jewish Education (CJE) in West Palm Beach in which the VOG curriculum was introduced.  In addition, CJE helped to organize speaking engagements at Temple Shaarei Shalom in Boynton Beach, Temple Israel in West Palm Beach, Temple Beth Torah in Wellington, Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Academy in West Palm Beach, Congregation L’Dor Va Dor in Lake Worth.  In addition, I was also a guest speaker at Congregation Kol Tikvah in Parkland.
Below are some photos and testimonials from my recent visit.  A heartfelt thank you for inviting Voices of the Generations to your congregations. – Julie

“Julie’s presentation of her parents’ life before, during and after the Holocaust shines a bright light in everyone’s eyes.  Remembering the days of strife and ending in a love story that lives beyond the test of time is truly both remarkable and heartwarming.” Beth Pennamacoor, Cantorial Soloist/Director of Education, Temple Beit HaYam,  Stuart, Florida.   

“Ms. Kohner presented an extraordinarily moving personal story that touched our members deeply. Hearing the experiences of her family helped us place the events of the Holocaust and the lives of the survivors after the War into a more understandable framework for both the adults and the youngsters who were privileged to share her presentation.” Rabbi Pinsky Temple Beth Torah, Wellington, Florida 

”Julie’s unique presentation offered a fresh way to remember the Holocaust. Our teens were especially captivated by viewing the footage from “This is Your Life.”  It was powerful to see how pop culture in America attempted to address the issues of the Holocaust less than 10 years after the end of WWII.  I recommend that every Jewish organization invite Julie to visit and share her mother’s story.”  Debbie Hafetz -Ed. Dir., Congregation Kol Tikvah Parkland Florida

“Julie’s presentation was beyond our expectation! She had everyone in the room crying! She touched the souls of our teachers, students, parents and congregations,  Our entire community benefited from learning about her mother’s devastating experiences during the Holocaust and the courage and inspiration of her survival.”  Robyn Hurvitz, Director of Professional Development, Friedman Commission for Jewish Education