Festival of Preservation at Portland Northwest Film Center

The Portland Northwest Film Center and The Portland Institute for Jewish Studies recently hosted Julie Kohner and theUCLA Festival of Preservation for a showing of “This Is Your Life” on January 15, 2012.  The three episodes once again featured Holocaust survivor’s stories, and Julie as the guest speaker for an introductory talk about her mother, Hanna Bloch Kohner, one of three guests, and the first Holocaust survivor to have her story told to a national television audience,  and a follow up question & answer session. This was a very memorable evening.

Hal Nevis (Director of the Institute for Jewish Studies) and Julie Kohner

1 thought on “Festival of Preservation at Portland Northwest Film Center

  1. Dear Julie:

    You may know that the Mauthausen Museum reopened this year on May 5th; it had been semi-closed and in renovation for the past several years. We had hoped to attend but could not (we will be at Gusen and Mauthausen in June this year) but the U. S. Ambassador to Austria, Bill Eacho, and his wife, Donna, represented the United States there.

    I will email you a scan of the event invitation, which I received, and I think you will find it very compelling and worth sharing. A trip to Mauthausen, Gusen and other sites in Austria is very important, to see first hand the immensity of this sickening history. So many Americans go to Vienna, or to Salzburg, but few venture to Mauthausen, and even fewer take the time to visit Gusen.

    Wishing you all the best, and hoping to stay in touch!

    – Paul Nebenzahl

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